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First Official Blog Post

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope you’re having a great Wednesday.  This is the start of my blogging experience and I’m going to try to write at least a post a week to talk about this journey of selling and marketing my first self-published Children’s Book, so I’d love to get feedback from everyone!

I’m very excited today because I received my shipment of Laurel Hill: New Beginnings last night finally!!  It is finally sinking in that this book that I wrote more than 10 years ago is now a reality and is out there for everyone to read!  When I saw a picture of my friend Tiffany holding the very first copy received (Amazon has AMAZING shipping!), I actually got teary-eyed.  It wasn’t just a drawing on a page anymore – it was real!!!

I hope you all enjoy the story of Laurel Hill: New Beginnings as much as I have enjoyed creating it!  I feel connected to these girls, and cannot wait to continue writing books in the series to see where it takes them!

I’ll keep this short today (I hope this is considered short), so please check back for my future posts.  Have a great week!!

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  1. Tiffany Niebauer

    I was SO excited to get your book! I was teary-eyed too when I received it because I was so proud of you for chasing a dream and God blessing it to make it happen and here it was in my hand! Woot woot!!! Proud of you 🙂 Love ya girl!

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