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Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

Good morning everyone!  I hope you’re getting ready for the holiday season as we get ready for Thanksgiving.  One of the things I love about Thanksgiving is making a list of the blessings for which you are thankful.  I have so many blessings this year….but the biggest blessing I have received was the news that the mass in my abdomen/chest was just a lipoma (fat mass) and was not a new tumor that needed to be removed!  Praise the Lord I will not need another surgery!!

As we get closer to Christmas, I am starting to look forward to and plan for baking Christmas cookies this year.  This is something that rings of Christmas for me as my mother baked a lot as I grew up and I remember making Christmas cookies with her when I was young.  There are so many recipes out there, and I know that everyone has their favorites that they bake or buy each year, so I thought it would be fun to make a list of favorite Christmas cookies and provide links to recipes – almost like an online Christmas cookie exchange!


Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes:

(just click the link to be taken to the recipes)

Red Velvet Christmas Cookies-  These are red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips, and it is one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever used with just 5 ingredients!  The secret to getting great cookies is letting them rest once you take them out of the oven so they firm up and can be removed easily. (Recipe from Christmas Cookie Recipes

Sugar Cookies- This recipe comes from one of my favorite authors, Joanne Fluke.  She writes the Hannah Swensen cookie murder books and this recipe comes from the first book in the series:  Chocolate Chip Cookie Murders.  This makes A TON of cookies – one batch making 5 dozen!!  They always turn out delicious and beautiful! (Recipe from**This link is for a download**

Candy Cane Cookies- This one is a favorite from my childhood!  I remember rolling the dough and twisting it together as a child so this one takes me right back to my childhood memories! (Recipe from

Peppermint Bark- I love to make different bark recipes.  I know, technically it’s not a cookie, but I always include some in my Christmas baking!  It’s easy and fun to make and does really well as gifts! (Recipe from Christmas Cookie Recipes

Gingerbread Cookies- Now I know that these will always remind us of Christmas – decorating them as well as the smell and taste!  Here’s a great recipe for a low carb version I’ll be trying. (Recipe from

Snowball Cookies- These are just so pretty and Christmas-y!  They taste wonderful and always feel so elegant to eat! (Recipe from

Almond Crescent Cookies This is another one that takes me back to my childhood as I remember eating them when I was young at my grandmother’s house.  (Recipe from

Wreath Cookies- What can be more festive than miniature wreaths???  These are just adorable and delicious! (Recipe from

Lace Cookies- Always a crowd-pleaser, these delicate looking cookies pack huge flavor in and are just delicious! (Recipe from Christmas Cookie Recipes

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies- These are a cookie that I found a couple of years ago.  My mother has been making these for the past few years and making them with peppermint flavoring added and they’re delicious too! (Recipe from

There are so many other cookies that I enjoy baking, and a few that are new recipes I’m looking forward to trying, but these are my top 10 for Christmas!  Look for some more holiday recipes on my Pinterest board Fall/Winter Holiday Recipes.  I’d love to hear your favorite recipes so please comment below with the names of your Christmas cookie recipes that you enjoy baking!  And don’t forget to share this post to pass on these great recipes!

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    Loved this post with all your favorite Christmas cookie recipes!! May just try a few. Thanks a lot!!!

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