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Do Paid Ads Work?

Good evening everybody!   I hope you have had a good week.  The question I want to share tonight is about paying for advertisements in social media – do you think it pays off?  Up until recently I have not paid for ads on any of my Facebook accounts.  I have found a lot of small ways to advertise my book for free, and I got a pretty good response while I was doing that.  But after having to take last year off, I’ve had the desire to jump right into getting my book noticed again so I considered paid ads.

I decided to pay for 2 different advertising options:  one to Promote my Facebook Author Page and one to have self-serve click ads on Goodreads.   I was able to set a reasonable budget for each paid ad (max of $65 with the Facebook ad and $50 with the Goodreads ad) and set end dates or limits so I didn’t go over these budgets.  

They have run for 2 weeks now and this is what I’ve seen:  I gained 26 new followers on Facebook and had at least TRIPLE the number of people that were reached with each post I had on my account!  For Goodreads, I have had 10.602 views of my ad, just 2 clicks, but 63 new people added my book to their To-Read list!  The Facebook ad has finished and it seemed to go really quickly, but the Goodreads ad has only used $1 of my $50 budget so it can continue through the rest of the month still!

I feel like it was definitely worth it to give these a try, but I felt that the Facebook budget was a little steep for just 2 weeks.  I don’t want to be too cheap and I know you have to spend some money to make some money, but I want to make sure I’m using my money in the wisest way possible to market my book so I need to ask for some responses and advice from others who use social media to market/advertise for their businesses.  Has anyone else used paid ads through their social media accounts?  What were your results?  Did you feel like they were worth the money?

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the responses and I hope this might have helped encourage people who have been hesitant to use paid ads as well.  Have a great week everyone!

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