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Quick and Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations
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10 Quick and Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Good Morning everyone!  Are you getting excited about Halloween?  As you can tell by the theme of my blog posts, I definitely am!  I also love decorating our house for Halloween, but it always seems like I run out of time to do it right.

10 Quick and Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations10 Quick and Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

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That’s where today’s blog post comes from.  I decided to search for the best Halloween decorating ideas that were easy to make and fun to display so I could actually decorate our home the right way this year.  And now I’m sharing my 10 favorite ideas with you – I hope you enjoy them and start decorating your own home for Halloween!

Glowing Eyes (version 1) – This one is so fun I can’t wait to set them up!  You take empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls cut in half) and paint them black.  Then you cut two scary eye shapes into one side of the roll – be creative!  Finally, in the evening you activate a glow stick, place it inside the toilet paper roll, and place the roll in your bushes or your windowsill for glowing eyes that will spook your neighbors!10 Quick and Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Glowing Eyes (version 2) – I love this idea, especially if your house is on a popular street.  Take two inflatable beach balls and paint them white.  Then paint on the center of the eyes (you can even add red streaks to make them more dramatic if you want).  Next, paint them with glow in the dark paint.  Finally, place them in your tree to make it come to life!

Ghostly Visitors- I made these last year and can’t wait to hang them again this year!  Pick up a few medium sized Styrofoam balls and a white flat sheet.  Cut the sheet into 3 evenly sized pieces.  Lay each piece of fabric over a Styrofoam ball so it hangs down evenly and tie the sheet at the base of the ball with string (try to use white or clear if possible).  Next, take a wire coat hanger and cut the end off so it is approximately 3 inches long and makes a loop.  Push the ends of the hangar piece into the top of the ghost head far enough to anchor it but leaving some of the hangar to use as a hook.  Paint the ghost with glow in the dark paint and hang them in your tree branches where they will sway with the wind.10 Quick and Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Floating Candles- This is a fun one to add to your front porch.  Take empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls and paint them white.  Cut 2 small holes near the top of the roll – one on each side of the roll.  Tie dental floss from each hole to hang the roll from the ceiling.  Place a battery operated LED tea light in the top of the roll and you have your floating candles.

Ghostly Gourds- I love how cute these turn out!  Take a gourd and paint it white.  Then paint black eyes and a mouth on the gourd.  Drape a piece of cheesecloth over it and your ghostly gourds are ready to be displayed!

Ghost Garland- Another adorable and easy decoration!  Cut pieces of white fabric in squares and place them over the bulbs of string lights.  Draw ghost faces on the fabric and fasten them around the lights with thread or dental floss and you’re ready to go!

Scary Silhouettes- Such a fun way to decorate your windows for Halloween.  Take black cardstock or construction paper and cut out scary shapes like bats, cats, witches, or ghosts and hang them on the inside of your windows.  At night, when the lights are turned on in the rooms the scary silhouettes seem to come alive.

Garden Ghosts- I love re-purposing items to use as decorations!  Take your tomato cages and drape a white sheet over them.  Add ghostly eyes and let the haunting begin.

Cobweb Doorway- This one is so easy you’ll want to use it every year.  Take cheesecloth and cut it in varying length strips that will hang down a doorway.  Make sure to put some holes in the strips and make them ragged so they look like cobwebs.  Attach the cheesecloth to a length of twine or rope with safety pins and hang the rope over the inside of the doorway using Command Hooks or sturdy tape and your cobweb doorway is complete.

Floating Witch Hats- Like the floating candles, these will decorate your porch for Halloween and be a favorite decoration.  You can either buy witch hats or make them from cardstock or construction paper.  Then, hang a glow stick or LED light stick inside the hat.  Use fishing line or dental floss to hang the hat from the ceiling and you’re all set.

I hope you enjoyed these 10 quick and easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations you can make at home.  I’d love to hear which ones you liked the best or hear what other decorations you use that are easy and fun to make, so please leave a comment below to share yours with us.  And don’t forget to share this post on your social media platforms so your friends and family can enjoy these great ideas too!

Quick and Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

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This article has 18 comments

  1. Tessa

    These would be super fun for the kids to help with! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Zesty Olive

    Ah! perfect for me as I’m DIY challenged – LOL. I actually think I could pull these off! 😉

  3. Jaime Porter

    So cute! My kids would love these, and we could make them together. Sharing!

  4. Sarah Althouse

    I love when it’s easy! I definitely need more halloween decor.

  5. Willow

    I love the floating candle idea! I saw someone on Pinterest who was also a Harry Potter fan do that.

  6. Rachel R Ritlop

    these are so smart! Can’t wait to get decorating 🙂

  7. Ant

    I can’t wait to do the glowing eyes! I forget to do that one every year!

  8. April Kitchens

    So fun! I’m going to miss decorating this year, but next year, I’m ready!

    • Erin Mackey

      I know what you mean April, I haven’t decorated like I’ve wanted to for the past couple of years. Last year, I just put the floating ghosts up but this year I’m going to try several of these.

  9. Shannon

    These seem so simple yet cute! This week I painted a pumpkin teal and put polka Dots on it, it came out really cute!

    • Erin Mackey

      Thanks Shannon. Your polka dot pumpkin sounds awesome! I may have to try that on the plastic pumpkin I have had for a couple of years. I couldn’t come up with any ideas on how I wanted to decorate it yet.

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