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Writing by Seasons

Good morning everyone!  I hope you had a nice (albeit chilly) weekend!

The change in temperature as we settle into Fall made me think about the differences in our writing schedules depending on the season and weather. 

Do you find you are more focused in your writing when it’s chilly out and you have a hot cup and are in comfy warm clothes? Or do you find you are more focused when you’re inside avoiding the Summer’s heat nice and cool in the air conditioning?

Then, of course, each season has its distractions that come up: traveling and barbecues in the Summer, and holidays, get-togethers and shopping for gifts in the Fall and Winter.

I find that I am more productive and comfortable in the cooler seasons (Fall and Winter) – especially when trapped in the house with a #couplefeetofsnow like last Winter!

Do you have a #favoriteseason? Why is it your favorite?

What motivates you to #keepwriting and #stayfocused?

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