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Picture Book Published!!

I’m so happy that my first picture book The Sleeping Flower is now available in both ebook and paperback format!!  You can find it here on my store as well as through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and on Kobo, Kindle, Nook, and Apple ebook readers!  Grab your copy today – and if you order it through my store on this website, I am able to autograph your copy to give it that personal touch!

The Sleeping Flower kids picture book

The Sleeping Flower picture book











Here are the books that I’m currently working on or that are waiting to be published:

Picture Books:Picture Books

It’s been so exciting to be writing on a regular basis again!  I have finished 7 new picture books so far this year and I am currently working on 3 new picture books and developing story ideas for another 8 books!  I’m still developing the book about the young bird who learns to fly, a sea otter having fun, and a Christmas book.  I’m also very happy to announce that I have illustrations being created for one of my first picture books I ever wrote:   The Sleeping Flower!  After they are finished next month and I have it formatted for print and ebook, I’ll be trying to publish them so I’m hoping they will be ready for sale before Christmas!


Young Adult:

I have a new series designed as a mystery/crime Young Adult series of books.  I have character development for the majority of the main characters and several of the minor characters and have the first book in the series outlined in great detail.  I plan to make this my next project that I begin and try to finish the first book by the fall.  I also have a scary short story book to which I’ve recently added 2 new stories, bringing the total story count up to 12, but only one of them is finished so I’d like to try to work on finishing a few more of these stories over the next couple of months and push to finish them all by the spring to start edits toward publishing.

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