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Using your writing time productively as an author

Using Your Writing Time Productively

Good Morning everyone!  I’ve enjoyed working on new picture books lately and this morning I finished another one.

But then, I started wondering how many books I’ve written this year so far so I took a look:  I’ve written 12 new picture books this year so far and I’m THRILLED at my progress!!  I was honestly getting a little discouraged because I have so many works in progress or story ideas that are waiting for my attention that I felt like I wasn’t making any forward progress.Using your writing time productively as an author

I’ve been trying to be better with my time-management again because it gets away from me as my full-time job gets stressful and busy (If you’re struggling with the same problem, check out my older blog posts that give some great ideas for better time-management!).

I’m also still taking steps to increase my social media following so that I can try to partner with a publishing house and be able to transition to writing as my full-time job, but I keep my marketing time separate from my writing time – otherwise I tend to get lost in the marketing “black hole” that takes all of my free time keeping me from writing.

I’m going to keep this post short today but I’d like to ask you all to comment and share your tips and tricks for keeping on track with your writing and using your time wisely so we can all benefit from the shared wisdom and Happy Writing!


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