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Using book trailer videos to promote your books and brand and increase sales and engagement
Book Promotion

Using Book Trailer Videos to Promote Your Book

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope you’ve been enjoying implementing the marketing tips that we’ve been talking about over the past several weeks!  If you’ve missed any I encourage you to scroll through and read my previous blog posts to catch up.  This week I am going to focus on an aspect of marketing specifically aimed at authors, but I’m sure other small business owners can implement this to promote their products as well.

Using book trailer videos to promote your books and brand and increase sales and engagement

We’re going to talk about using book trailer videos to market your books.  Some of you are saying, “What?!?  How do you make a video about your book?”  I know, I said the same thing a few weeks ago too so don’t worry, you’re not alone.  But after researching these I am so excited to have one to promote Laurel Hill: New Beginnings Book 1 and want to pass this information on to other authors to start using as well.

Book Trailer Videos-

A book trailer video is very similar to a movie trailer.  Just think about how much movie trailers can influence you to watch a movie!  You get excited about the storyline or the actors and you can’t wait until you can go watch it in when it comes out in the theaters.  Can you imagine getting your readers just as excited about your storyline and characters and motivating them to go pick up your book and read it?  That is what a book trailer video does!   Using book trailer videos to promote your books and brand and increase sales and engagement

I know, you might still be a little skeptical, thinking “But this is a book.  How do you make a video of it?”  This is where it is different from a movie trailer.  A book trailer is a compilation of images or video clips with music overlaid and your message on each image or video clip.  When I had a book trailer video made for Laurel Hill: New Beginnings I used my blurb from the book jacket as the message over the images and video clips and included the book cover photo and my photo and the specifics about where the book can be purchased.

Now I’m going to confess here….I’m not very tech-savvy.  So when I wanted to have a book trailer video created, I knew that this was above my abilities.  So I went to my favorite site to find someone to create one for me – Fiverr.  I don’t know if you’ve ever used before, but it is definitely worth it for any author or small business owner to get the most out of marketing and promotion of your products, books, and business.  This is a site where individuals can purchase services from people who have specific talents.  I’ve used Fiverr to get help fixing issues on my website, get a custom marketing plan, have my business logo made, and of course, have a book trailer video made.  Now forgive my plug here, but Rachel_Bostwick did a phenomenal job on my book trailer video so if this is something that you’d like to have done please feel free to go check out Rachel’s work by clicking her link above.  It was definitely worth the money and I’m sharing the trailer video everywhere to help promote my book and my business!  I’ve already shared it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and of course here on my website.  And now I’m going to put the YouTube link below so you can go see how great it turned out too!

YouTube Laurel Hill Book Video

If you’re looking for a new tool in your book promotion, I highly encourage you to have a book trailer made for your book and get your readers to start talking about your books!

Have you had success with other book promotion ideas?  Please share your tips and tricks below and share this post to get the word out!  Happy writing!

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