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Top Girls' Night Ideas
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Top Girls’ Night Out Ideas

Good morning everyone!  Are you enjoying this spring and starting to look forward to the warmer days of summer yet?  Remember, April showers bring May flower – and I LOVE flowers!!  If our cats didn’t try to eat them every time I had any in the house, my hubby would be able to give them to me more often!

There’s something else that I love though, and that’s spending time with my sister and my friends.  A girl’s night together always lifts my spirits and relaxes me letting me de-stress.  Have you plan a girls’ night lately?  Are you feeling like there’s just no time, or don’t know what to try to plan?  It doesn’t always have to be something elaborate to still be a fun time with friends.

Top Girls’ Night Ideas

Top Girls' Night Ideas

I’ve been checking out some new ideas for girls’ night and thought it would be great to share a list of ideas with you.  Whether you’re looking for a fun night in, or a night out on the town, these 45 Top Girls’ Night Ideas should inspire you to plan a get together!

Staying In:

  • Spa Night- have a night of manicures, pedicures, facials, leg waxing, deep conditioning hair treatment, hairstyles
  • Netflix/Chick Flick Marathon- pick a favorite movie series or favorite actor and watch with snacks
  • Book Club- pick a book that you each enjoy and talk about them together
  • Game Night- board games, Mario Kart tournament, Just Dance competition
  • Poker Night- poker isn’t just for the guys.  I even bought a pink and brown chip set!Top Girls' Night Ideas
  • Learn a new Skill- chip in and hire a professional to come and give a lesson; cooking, dancing, self-defense
  • Makeovers- try new makeup techniques or test out products
  • Yearbook Party- bring your yearbooks and reminisce together over the bad hair and crazy outfits
  • Pizza Party- whether you order in or make your own, it’s sure to be a hit
  • Wine Tasting- everyone bring their favorite bottle or something new to try
  • Recipe Night- Try to come up with your own killer recipe
  • Downtown Abbey Party- you could wear costumes, have period-appropriate foods and decorations, and even play some parlor games
  • Chocolate Party- everyone bring their favorite chocolate concoction
  • Craft Night- chalk painting, jewelry making, scrapbooking, candle making,  and greeting cards are all great craft ideas to try outTop Girls' Night Ideas
  • Coloring Night- grab some adult coloring books, colored pencils or crayons and have fun!
  • Nail Polish Bar- instead of doing manicures, have a ton of fun colors to try and just paint each other’s nails, you can even add designs and embellishments
  • Sundae Bar- have plenty of fun toppings to enjoy the night
  • Garden Party- plan a garden party with finger foods and lemonade.  You could even make fairy gardens together!
  • Hor D’oeuvres Night- appetizers and cocktails are always a winner
  • Waffle Bar- have fun with mixing chocolate chips, pecans, or even peanut butter in your waffle batter, then decorate and top any way you want
  • S’mores Party- have a fire pit going and make s’mores together
  • Fondue Party- whether you go for a cheese fondue for a meal or a chocolate fondue for a dessert, you’ll have a blast with this idea from the past
  • Smoothie Party- go wild with ingredients!  Make your favorite recipes or try some new ones
  • Cookie Swap- have everyone bring one favorite cookie recipes and bake awayTop Girls' Night Ideas
  • Mason Jar Mix Night- plan to make jar mixes together; you can use as gifts or for long term food storage
  • Canning Party- can some great recipes and share
  • Favorite Recipe Exchange- everyone bring a recipe or two and share with your friends
  • Clothing Swap- instead of taking everything to goodwill, set up a night to bring all of the unwanted clothing together so everyone can “shop” for free
  • Kitchen Gadget Swap- helps to clean out your kitchen and you get to try out new gadgets for free

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Going Out:

  • Dinner and a Movie- it’s a time-honored tradition for a reason
  • Bowling- you can have a blast bowling with the girls – maybe even try duck pin bowling!
  • Local Entertainment- check out bands playing, poetry reading, comedy shows, murder mystery dinners
  • Sushi Bar- try sushi for the first time, or if you’re already a sushi expert order something exotic
  • Window Shopping- head out to some ultra-exclusive stores and do some window shopping and dreaming
  • New Activity- check out Groupon and LivingSocial for discounts and activities in your areaTop Girls' Night Ideas
  • Dessert Run- go out for frozen yogurt, stop at the fancy bakery and splurge on a piece of cheesecake or cupcake
  • Makeovers- go to Ulta or the makeup counter at your local department store and have your makeup done for free
  • Mini Golf- it never gets old and promises lots of laughs
  • Driving Range- take out some frustration by knocking some golf balls around
  • Massages- you can head out to the mall and take turns in the massage chairs, or head to a spa for the day
  • Fitness Class- pick a fitness class at your local gym and give it a try (remember most will let you try out before you sign up for a membership)
  • Paint Night- you can go out for a scheduled paint nite at a local restaurant or make your own – pick a picutre and everyone bring a canvas and some paints and have funTop Girls' Night Ideas
  • Art Trip- head out to a museum or art gallery
  • Craft Class- check out your local craft store for ideas on crafts to try: crochet, pottery, scrapbooking, jewelry making
  • Scavenger Hunt- plan out a scavenger hunt in Target, Walmart or your local mall

I hope this has piqued your interest and made you want to start planning a fun girls’ night for this weekend!  You have to take the time to make fun memories with those that are most important to you – and who else has your back like your girls?

I’d love to hear your favorite girls’ night activities or the craziest girls’ night you’ve experienced, so leave a comment and share.  And don’t forget to share these girls’ night ideas through your social media sites so your friends and family can plan their next girls’ night too!

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