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Top 25 DIY Fall Decorating Ideas
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Top 25 DIY Fall Decorating Ideas

Good Morning everyone!  If you haven’t been able to tell from my recent posts, I love fall!  The cooler temperatures, the color change of the leaves, activities like sitting around a fire pit or taking nature walks – they are all some of my favorite things all year.

That’s why I find it so strange that I don’t tend to decorate for the fall when it’s my favorite time.  The only real change I make in my home for fall is to swap out the scents I use in my Wallflowers or candles from summer-y scents like lemon, watermelon, hyacinth, or lilac to more fall-ish scents like apple, caramel, pumpkin, and my absolute favorite Wallflower Leaves.  That’s why this year, I want to change it up and start decorating for the fall.

Top 25 DIY Fall Decorating IdeasTop 25 Fall Decorating Ideas

I’ve been scouring online to find some great DIY fall decorating ideas and I wanted to share my top 25 that I found so you can get inspired to decorate as well.

  1. Use Your Gourds:  This gives you a fun way to set up some gourds and make your space feel like the outdoors (shared by
  2. Cut and Paste: This is such a fun and easy craft that the whole family will enjoy!  Decorate your pumpkin in a different way by cutting out and pasting on different colored and shaped leaves. (shared by
  3. Stick Around: Here’s another example of decorating your pumpkin in a unique way.  Use washi tape to transform your plain pumpkin into a work of art (shared by 25 DIY Fall Decorating Ideas
  4. Pumpkin Pal: Your kids will love this adorable craft to turn your pumpkin into a scarecrow (shared by
  5. Glitter Glam Pumpkins: This is another fun and easy craft to make your pumpkins look extravagant (shared by
  6. Cinnamon Pine Cones: Here’s another fun way to add some fall scent to your home – make your own cinnamon scented pine cones (shared by .
  7. Painted Pine Cone Garland: Such a cute idea to spruce up a space!  (shared by
  8. Transformed Pumpkins: This is a great idea to transform your plain pumpkins using cloth. (shared by
  9. Apple Votives: Create fun and fruity candle holders with these apple votive holders (shared by 25 DIY Fall Decorating Ideas
  10. Lovely Lantern: This is a fun way to turn an ordinary lantern into a fall decoration piece (shared by
  11. Paper Pumpkins: This is a cute idea to make your own pumpkins out of paper that will last for years of fall decorating (shared by
  12. Candle Cluster: Such a fun way to turn a plain vases into a fun fall centerpiece (shared by
  13. Log Centerpiece: Anyone can make this fabulous rustic centerpiece to add to their fall decorating (shared by
  14. Wood Block Pumpkins: These are such a fun way to make a new yearly fall decoration for your home! (shared by
  15. Fall Candle Centerpiece:  Another fun and easy craft idea to transform plain candles into a beautiful fall centerpiece your friends and family will love (shared by
  16. Pumpkin Vase: I love this fun and easy way to transform your pumpkin into a beautiful fall vase (shared by 25 DIY Fall Decorating Ideas
  17. Dollar Store Centerpiece:  You’ll love how inexpensive and beautiful this fall centerpiece is to make (shared by
  18. Mini Paper Pumpkin: Here’s another great paper pumpkin craft that you’ll have a blast making with the kids (shared by
  19. Glittered Pumpkin Place Card Holder:  This will be your favorite fall decoration to make for any get together with friends and family (shared by
  20. Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins: These are easy crafts that will make fall decorating fun (shared by
  21. Decorative Leaf Bowl:  Love decoupage?  This is a great way to turn plain leaves into a gorgeous fall centerpiece for your home (shared by
  22. Falling Leaves Garland: This is another super easy craft idea that creates a beautiful fall decoration to enhance your home (shared by
  23. Fall Leaf Book Page Banner:  Such a fun and adorable fall decoration you can make with the family! (shared by
  24. Book Page and Twine Pumpkins: These are so cute that you won’t be able to stop making pumpkins for your home! (shared by
  25. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins:  These are adorable pumpkins that are beyond simple to make (shared by

I’d love to hear which of these are your favorites, or have you share some DIY fall decorating ideas that you love that I didn’t include so please comment below to share yours with us.  And don’t forget to share this post on your social media sites so your friends and family can enjoy trying these great ideas too!Top 25 DIY Fall Decorating Ideas

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