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Top 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas
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Top 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas for the Family

Good Morning everyone!  Are you ready to start your summer off right?  Do you always feel like the summer just flies by and before you know it, it’s gone?  I know that I do!  Every year the summer just seems to get shorter and shorter.

I’ve found one thing that you can do to enjoy your summer and make sure you’re squeezing every ounce of fun out of it – make a Summer Bucket List for your family!  By making a list of activities that you and your family want to do this summer, it gives you something to look forward to and allows you to plan out each activity so the summer doesn’t get end before you’ve even gotten to enjoy it.

Last year, I wrote a post going over Creating a Summer Bucket List for your Family and gave you some great ideas for activities to include.   This year, I thought I’d revamp the list to include some new activities, so I’ve come up with my Top 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas for you.  I hope this list helps you to kick off your summer with some great fun for the family!

Top 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas for the Family

  1. go night swimming
  2. put glow sticks in soda bottles and go night bowling
  3. have a water balloon fightTop 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas
  4. tie dye t-shirts
  5. have a bonfire
  6. go to a drive-in movie
  7. have an outdoor movie night
  8. visit a national park
  9. go camping for the weekend
  10. go to a water park
  11. make s’moresTop 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas
  12. feed the ducks
  13. visit a museum
  14. have a picnic
  15. go on a hike
  16. go fishing
  17. visit the beach
  18. have a BBQ/cookout
  19. go stargazing
  20. look for shapes in the clouds
  21. watch a sunrise or sunsetTop 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas
  22. play paintball
  23. go to a concert
  24. watch fireworks
  25. go paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, river rafting, tubing
  26. have a home spa day
  27. make homemade ice cream sundaes (sundae bar)
  28. make root beer floats
  29. go to a carnival or fairTop 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas
  30. visit the zoo
  31. make popsicles
  32. have a tea party
  33. have a pajama party
  34. catch fireflies (and release them)
  35. have a movie marathon
  36. go zip lining
  37. go to a baseball game (professional or minor league)
  38. take a class to learn a new craft
  39. make smoothies
  40. visit an aquarium
  41. try a new restaurant
  42. visit a new city
  43. pick wildflowers
  44. look for a 4-leaf clover
  45. play in the rainTop 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas
  46. plan a scavenger hunt
  47. go on a breakfast date
  48. build a fort
  49. sleep on your trampoline
  50. go an entire day without using technology (including the TV)
  51. play on a slip ‘n slide
  52. visit a flea market
  53. make a sidewalk chart work of art
  54. play hide ‘n seek
  55. tie messages to balloons and let them go
  56. leave a note in a library book
  57. take pictures at a photo booth
  58. have a silly string light
  59. have a water gun battle
  60. have a game nightTop 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas
  61. play mini golf
  62. take a nap/read a book in a hammock
  63. visit a waterfall
  64. take a road trip
  65. build a sandcastle
  66. ride go-carts
  67. visit the batting cages
  68. take a bike ride together
  69. take a bubble bath
  70. visit a farmer’s market
  71. pick fresh fruit
  72. sing karaoke
  73. take a nature walk
  74. make friendship bracelets
  75. put a puzzle together
  76. take a dance class
  77. make snow cones
  78. make a craft togetherTop 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas
  79. play in the sprinklers (be mindful of any imposed water restrictions)
  80. blow bubbles
  81. fly a kite
  82. build a treehouse
  83. go to the library
  84. bake cupcakes
  85. start keeping a journal
  86. do manicures on each other
  87. have a lemonade stand
  88. have a yard sale
  89. visit family members
  90. visit a planetariumTop 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas
  91. make paper airplanes and fly them
  92. play hopscotch
  93. watch a parade
  94. paint rocks
  95. sleep in a tent in the backyard
  96. make a dandelion/flower necklace
  97. birdwatch
  98. do a message in a bottle and throw it into the ocean
  99. random acts of kindness (strangers, friends, family)
  100. go roller skating

Top 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas

I hope this list has given you some new ideas to add to your existing Summer Bucket List, or inspired you to start your own list this summer!  I’d love to hear what other activities you include in your Summer Bucket List, so please comment below to share them with us!

And don’t forget to share this post on your social media sites so your friends and family can use these great ideas too!

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