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Safety Tips for Halloween
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Safety Tips for Halloween

Good Morning everyone! Are you ready for trick or treating tomorrow?  This month has flown by and I can’t believe that tomorrow is Halloween already!  I’m sure you have your costumes all ready, but if you’re still searching for the perfect costume, check out my blog post with my 20 Favorite DIY Halloween Costumes for some great last minute costume ideas.

Now that you have your costumes ready and your little one is practically banging on the front door ready to trick or treat, it’s time to talk safety for this Halloween.

Safety Tips for HalloweenSafety Tips for Halloween

It’s unfortunate, but whenever your little ones interact with this uncertain world it’s important to try to prepare them and keep them as safe as you can.  That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to share some safety tips to follow this Halloween during trick or treating.  I hope this allows your child to have a safe, fun evening.

  1. Be sure to bring a flashlight, extra batteries, an extra house key, and cell phone while trick or treating.
  2. Have your child keep a card with their emergency information on it in case they get separated from their group.
  3. Map out a trick or treating route for them to follow and schedule a meet up time or return home time.
  4. Choose brightly colored costumes and use reflective tape or glow sticks with your child’s costume to make them visible at all times.
  5. Be sure that your child’s costume is well-fitting and does not hang too low to prevent tripping.Safety Tips for Halloween
  6. Masks should fit your child’s face so they do not block their vision. Try using non-toxic face makeup instead.  Be sure to test the makeup on a small area beforehand to ensure there are no allergies or irritations from the makeup.
  7. Avoid decorative contact lenses as they can cause pain and inflammation and in some cases serious eye infections or injuries.
  8. Ensure that all costumes and accessories are fire-resistant.
  9. Accessories to your child’s costume (such as swords, poles, and other weapons) should be soft and flexible to avoid injury.
  10. Follow your location’s approved trick or treating times and consider starting while it is still light.
  11. Make sure your child, regardless of age, never goes alone while trick or treating. Try to make sure at least one adult is part of the group.  If your child is older, have them go in a group of friends.Safety Tips for Halloween
  12. Be sure that your child understands traffic rules for roadways and crosswalks and follows them.
  13. Have your child knock on doors of houses that you are familiar with and focus on homes that have a house light on.
  14. Tell your child to stay on well-lit streets and to use the sidewalks or edge of roadways while walking. Make sure they do not cut across lawns or take shortcuts off of normal paths.
  15. Make sure they do not eat any of the candy or food along the way but wait until the candy has been thoroughly checked by their parents at home.Safety Tips for Halloween
  16. Look at each piece of candy to ensure they are wrapped appropriately and there are no holes or cuts in the wrappers. Do not keep any homemade items.
  17. Try to ration the candy and goodies out over several days or weeks to prevent overeating.
  18. Keep the candy out of reach of pets to ensure their safety as well.

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I hope these safety tips have prepared you and your trick or treater for a fun, safe evening.  I’d love to hear your feedback on this list, especially if there’s a tip I didn’t include, so please comment below and share your thoughts.  And don’t forget to share this post on your social media sites so your friends and family can be prepared as well!Safety Tips for Halloween

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