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Out of Rhythm….

  Hey everybody!  So, my best laid plans of still posting on Monday even though I posted this past weekend didn’t work out so well.  Oh well, better late than never!  I’m very excited to let everyone know that there will be a color advertisement in the Martinsburg Journal for the Book Launch Party!  It will be in the February 16th Sunday edition, so be on the lookout!!

  Since they are now calling for a HUGE snow and ice storm next week, I figured I’d use this opportunity to try to get us all thinking about warmer weather to try to break the cycle!!  Let’s see what everyone’s favorite thing about Spring is?  Do you have a favorite Spring event that you look forward to?  Is it just seeing everything get green again?   How about being able to open the windows without turning into a popsicle?  Leave comments and let’s see which is the most popular thing everyone loves about Spring!

Have a great week, and stay warm and cozy!!

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