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New Year – New Goals

Good Morning everyone!!  I’m so excited that it is the beginning of a new year!  I feel like the last couple months had SO MUCH squeezed into them that it was way too busy to get everything done that I had wanted to – especially after having to postpone my Book Launch Party due to bad weather before Christmas.  But now, it is the beginning of a brand new year that allows me to move forward toward my real business goals – selling 1,000 copies of my book by the end of 2014 and building a strong social media base in order to get picked up by a publishing house!

I hope you will join me on this journey through 2014 as I work toward these goals.   I look forward to posting on this blog on a regular basis and I will begin this Monday as the weekly day for new blog posts so stay tuned and check back on Monday, January 6th for my next post!!  I would love to receive feedback from everyone – whether it be about the book or the launch party – and of course suggestions and questions are always welcome!!

I have also been considering doing an eNewsletter if there is enough interest in it – can you post or email letting me know if you’d be interested in receiving a monthly eNewsletter updating everyone about my book selling journey, writing on Book 2 in the Laurel Hill Series, and other projects and information throughout the month.

I hope everyone has a wonderful (COLD!!) weekend, and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for my next post!! 🙂



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