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Good Monday Evening everyone!!  I know it’s been a little while since I had a new post, and hopefully this is the beginning to a fresh start!  I was able to connect today with a local author here in West Virginia, and it was a nice time sharing our experiences and plans for the future with our writing!  I encourage all authors to try to make connections with other local authors – not only to develop a network of fellow writers and help promote each other’s work, but more importantly to encourage each other!

It was a true encouragement to talk with Cindy Ray Hale, author of the Destiny Trilogy (Book 1: Destiny, Book 2: Synchrony) this evening.  It was great to go over marketing strategies, working through writer’s block, finding book sales events and writer’s conferences, and especially to reinforce the fact that we’re not alone out there!  Sometimes, for an Indie Writer (especially for self-published ones), it can feel like quite a lonely road – out there on your own, doing all of the work.

I look forward to making even more connections with local authors, but in the meantime, please make sure you are helping to promote local authors and artisans’ events as you see them – it’s important to get the word out and help each other to be able to increase our publicity and our fan-base!

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