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Laurel Hill: New Beginnings:

Laurel Hill: New Beginnings Book Cover

Laurel Hill is a book about six young Christian girls, and their joys and struggles through childhood.  It begins showing five friends in a rural small town, introducing them to the reader.  The story then brings in a sixth young girl, who is new to the town, and shows the relationship that develops between her and the five friends.

Throughout the book, there are several main events that transpire – from solving a mystery of stolen bicycles, to celebrating the end of the school year at an amusement park, and even a few birthday parties.  There are also some obstacles and issues that are brought to light, as the girls learn to deal with their trials by relying on God for wisdom and guidance – whether dealing with a bully, or overcoming the  pain of losing a loved one, these characters display faith and love in their daily walks as young people.

These six main characters represent today’s young Christian girls, and clearly denotes their everyday walk through life, as they try to keep Christ as their focus.  Each of the girls has a unique personality, as well as talents and passions that any young girl will clearly identify with.

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Future Books in the Laurel Hill Series:

I finished writing Book 2 in the Laurel Hill series and it is entitled Laurel Hill: Long Days of Summer.  It is going through a final edit by myself and I am having the pencil sketches for each chapter worked on by my talented niece Kate.  I also have Book 3 and 4 outlined in the Laurel Hill series but they are not started at this point.  I’ve been focusing on all of the picture book ideas for now, but I’m going to concentrate on finishing the final edit for book 2 so it’s complete and then start working on book 3.


Laurel Hill Character Bios:

Nikki Taylor-      Birthday: October    Nikki is a tomboy.  She has a strong personality but is devoted to her friends.  Her dad has been widowed since Nikki was 7 years old and her Aunt Emily lives with them.  She has long, straight dark brown hair that she usually puts up in a ponytail and is tall in height.  Her favorite hobbies are:  playing softball, baseball, and running track.

Jennifer Bloom-     Birthday: December    Jennifer is very outgoing and comfortable with herself.  Her mom is a stay-at-home mom and she has a loving family.  Jennifer has an in-ground pool at her house.  She has short, curly blond hair, freckles, tans easily and is short in height.   Her favorite hobbies are: reading, swimming , riding her bike, shopping, playing dress-up and make-believe.

Amy Madison-     Birthday: September     Amy is shy and reserved, but comfortable around her group of friends.  She easily shares ideas with the girls, but takes a little more convincing when it comes to mischief or scary stuff.  Amy’s mom works at Faith Bible Chapel and her Dad owns and runs the Crowler’s Soda Shoppe with her Uncle Dan.  Amy has an older brother who is away at college.  Amy has wavy, mid-length light brown hair, green eyes, wears glasses, and is average in height.  Her favorite hobbies are:  swimming, roller skating, and playing the violin.

Morgan Johnson-     Birthday: November     Morgan is fun-loving and outgoing, but very protective of her younger sister Katie and her 4 year old brother Gabriel.  Morgan’s mom is a stay-at-home mom and her Dad owns and runs The Movie House.  Morgan has straight long blond hair, brown eyes, and is average in height.  Her favorite hobbies are:  swimming, roller skating, and riding bikes.

Katie Johnson-     Birthday: April    Katie is the youngest of the group as she moved ahead two years in school.  Katie is a little shy and unsure of herself at times, and sometimes looks to her older sister Morgan for reassurance.  Katie loves school and is a straight-A student.  Katie has long, wavy blond-brown hair, blue eyes, and is tall in height.  Her favorite hobbies are:  riding bikes, reading, swimming, and trying to be a writer.

Maggie Anderson-     Birthday:  June     Maggie is starting a new life in Laurel Hill with her mom after they moved from Mount Royal, Connecticut, after her parents’ divorce.  Maggie is outgoing and brave and always takes other’s feelings into consideration, and becomes very dedicated to her friends once she’s a part of their group.  Maggie has long, wavy dark brown hair and blue eyes and is short in height.  Her favorite hobbies are:    reading, playing softball, swimming, riding bikes, and painting.


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