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It’s all about Momentum….

Good Afternoon Everyone!

  Well, I have to say….once you get moving in the right direction, the momentum just carries you away!!  Once I was able to set aside Sundays for writing and NOT spend another whole day working on marketing my book, I have been VERY PRODUCTIVE!!  I am excited to say that I was finally able to finish writing my two new picture/early reader books!

  Flip at the Bat is an energetic story of a championship baseball game between salamanders and frogs, and The Swamels is a heart-warming story of a young camel named Max who is afraid to learn to swim.  In addition, I have finished all of the setup and development for the Rockland Crime Journal Young Adult mystery/crime series and completed a detailed outline so I am ready to move forward with the first book in this new series as well!

  But most importantly, now that I feel like I’m caught up and I don’t have all of these things hanging over my head, I can get back into working on the second book in the Laurel Hill Series: Long Days of Summer!!  This book will be especially dear to me as it includes stories about summer camp, which remind me of my weeks spent at Camp Haluwasa up in Southern New Jersey!! 

  Nothing reminds me of my childhood joys as much as summer camp!  I hope you all enjoy thinking about those wonderful days of summer from your childhoods as you look forward to Long Days of Summer coming out in the future!

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