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Celebrating our Mothers for Mother's Day

Celebrating our Mothers for Mother’s Day

Good Morning everyone!  I hope you’ve been enjoying the May flowers that those April showers brought us.  I have really enjoyed gardening and working in the yard again this spring!  I’ve pruned our rose bushes and planted some gladiolus bulbs, a lilac bush, and a bleeding heart in our front yard so far and I still have some trimming to do on our bushes and trees.Celebrating our Mothers for Mother's Day

Celebrating our Mothers for Mother’s Day

For some reason, I always associate flowers and spring with Mother’s Day.  Maybe it’s because we used to pick flowers from the yard and give them as gifts to our mothers when we were little?  Giving flowers just goes hand-in-hand with giving to my mother in my mind.  But I am always looking for fun, unique gifts that I can give to my mom for Mother’s Day so this year I decided to do a little research and find some great Mother’s Day gift ideas.  And of course, I have to share my list of awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas with you all so you can be inspired this year as well!  Some of these ideas are actual gifts but others are fun activities you can do with your mom to treat them and remind them just how special they are to us.  I hope you enjoy this list and find inspiration for your mom this Mother’s Day!

30 Ways to Celebrate your Mom this Mother’s Day

Gift Ideas-

  • Buy her favorite tree or flower and plant it in the yard so she can enjoy it for years to come!
  • Pick up a favorite book or a new book she’s wanted.Celebrating our Mothers for Mother's Day
  • Buy a candle of her favorite scent.
  • Send a vase of her favorite flowers with a special note.
  • Chip in with other family members and treat your mom to an extravagant gift. Find something that she’s always wanted but won’t buy herself!
  • Purchase a piece of jewelry with her birthstone in it. Or you can take it a step farther and get the birthstones for each of her children, and you can even include the grandchildren.
  • If your mom enjoys making crafts you can stock her up with craft supplies – or even trick out her craft room with organization ideas!
  • Pick up a new mug (or personalize one yourself) and treat her to her favorite coffee or tea.
  • Buy her that new kitchen gadget that she’s wanted but won’t splurge on herself.Celebrating our Mothers for Mother's Day

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Activity Ideas-

  • Treat her to a cooking class.
  • Visit a museum or art gallery together.
  • Go to a concert together.
  • Take your mom out to eat at her favorite restaurant.
  • Treat her to a day of shopping at her favorite stores.
  • Treat her to a manicure, pedicure, massage, or facial…or even a full spa day!Celebrating our Mothers for Mother's Day
  • Give your mom the day off! Clean the house, do the food shopping, cook the meals for the day…all of these things will give your mom the break she deserves.
  • Plan a luncheon or tea with a few of her friends.
  • Treat your mom by organizing her home for her. Maybe pick some “problem” spots like the pantry, under the bathroom sink, or even the fridge.
  • Plant a garden for your mom. You could include her favorite flowers or even make it an herb garden.
  • Let your mom pick what she wants to do for a special day with you and treat her to all of her favorites!
  • Plan a family photo shoot so you will have pictures to remember this special Mother’s Day for years to come!
  • Plan a picnic at her favorite location.
  • Wash her car and clean out the inside. You can even put in an air freshener with her favorite scent.Celebrating our Mothers for Mother's Day

Handmade Gestures-

  • Bake her favorite dessert.
  • Cook her favorite meal.
  • Make a scrapbook with pictures and mementos.
  • Write her a letter telling her all the ways she has influenced your life and remind her of the precious moments you’ve shared together.
  • Make a CD of her favorite music.
  • Make a craft for your mom that she will enjoy displaying in her home.Celebrating our Mothers for Mother's Day
  • Make homemade bath products and give them in pretty containers and bottles.


I hope you have enjoyed this list of ways to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day and have found inspiration for what you will plan!  I would love to hear your favorite Mother’s Day celebration and gift ideas so please comment below to share them!  And don’t forget to share this post on your social media sites to share these ideas with friends and family so that Mother’s Day is special this year!

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  1. Suzane Cybulski

    Some really great ideas!!!
    Beings my mom & mother-in-law passed some years ago, I was thinking about how it may be nice to do some of these things for a young mom nearby. Those of us who are mothers all know how hectic it is trying to raise a young family. A thoughtful gesture may be just what this young mom needs!!

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