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Getting Ready for Christmas Season

  Good Afternoon everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are now gearing up for Christmas!

  As I was decorating and baking in preparation for Christmas,  I started thinking about how everyone has their own way of getting ready for the holidays.   Some people are early birds like me – I try to finish all of my shopping before black friday rears it’s ugly head, and I usually put our Christmas tree and decorations up by (or right after) thanksgiving.

  But some people enjoy the more hectic rush of waiting until closer to Christmas – #ChristmasEveshopping, #blackfridayshopping, the crush of fighting your way through a crowd in search of those fabulous money-saving deals.

  I’d love to hear how everyone out there prepares for the holidays – how many early birds and how many last-minute shoppers are out there?  How many people bake cookies and goodies with/for the family? Share your holiday stories today!

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  1. Cleo deLancey

    I like to be done early. All the shopping done before end of Nov. I cannot handle the crowds later on, nor the smell of all that perfume women AND men wear. Going into stores that have the cosmetics at the entrance is a challenge for me as I have alergies to it. So I take a deep breath and boogie it through
    Through Dec, I like to wrap gifts, bake and decorate. Radio stations overplay Christmas songs, so by mid Dec, I have heard enough of them. BahHumbug!

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