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Feels So Good To Be Productive!

Good Morning everyone!  I’m going to be out of town and travelling for work this coming week, so I wanted to write my post and get it out to you all a day.

I know last week we talked about those creative lulls and how to overcome them.  Thankfully, I’ve been able to be very productive in my writing this week and can pass on my tip that helped me get the juices flowing again!

This past week, I decided to open up the second book in the Laurel Hill series and try to get back to writing on it.  This is the novel that I chose to work on as part of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for my goal of writing up to 50,000 words.  Instead of just trying to pick up where I left off in the beginning of the fourth chapter, I decided to read back over chapters 3 and 4 to get myself back into the mindset of the story.  What I found is that I got excited about the story line again and was instantly able to continue writing when I reached the previous stopping point!  Not only did I wind up writing just shy of 8,000 words in one day, I am now on chapter 10 and think thI can finish the book by the end of next week!

I loved hearing everyone else’s creative ideas on how to try to break through those difficult times when you just can’t get motivated to write and I wanted to share my new tip as well!  I hope you find this helpful and are able to take advantage of the second half of #NaNoWriMo!!  Have a great week!

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