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Creativity Flowing

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I just have to express how wonderful it is when your creative juices finally get flowing when you’ve been just too busy to write or work on anything for several months!  I had started out following my writing and marketing schedule pretty well for the Spring and the beginning of the Summer.  But once the Summer schedule started to get busy, all work seemed to cease and I wasn’t writing again.

Thanks to the NAIBA Vendor Conference last weekend though, I’m not only writing on current projects, but I’ve also come up with new books and stories!  I finished outlining a new picture book series and have 4 books outlined so far.  I also have another picture book concept, but I need further development on that one.  Finally, I’ve added two new short stories to my Scary Short Story book and am working on finishing the outlines for them.

I just want to encourage everyone out there that enjoys being creative – whether it’s writing, music, painting, photography, sewing, or any kind of crafts – don’t give up!!  We are always going to have those times when we are dormant and not really working on our talents.  That doesn’t mean that you have to give up – we each go through various seasons, and I know you’ll come back around and get inspired to return to working on your particular creative outlet again!  #nevergiveup #writingalways #creativityrules

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