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Are you using the Goodreads App?

Hello Everyone!  Today I’d like to share an app with you that I think you will enjoy:  it’s called Goodreads.   I started using this app to promote my book with readers, and if you are an author I highly recommend this app!  But this app is also very useful to anyone who loves to read as well. Let me go over some of the benefits to using the Goodreads app both for fun and for business.

If you are an author, there are several nice features to being part of the Goodreads community.  When you set up a profile on Goodreads, you can also join the Author Program and complete an Author profile.  Once you do this, Goodreads will link both of your profiles which helps with managing the app.  You are able to use the Events section from your Author Dashboard to list book signings, launch parties, or other author events where you will be selling your book to share them with the Goodreads community.  You can also set up Giveaways through Goodreads.  This entails choosing start and end dates and how many winners will be chosen.  One of the great things about doing a giveaway through Goodreads is that they manage the event for you and track all of the people who sign up.  Once the end date expires, they will send you the winner(s) address so that you can send the prize directly to them.  One possible drawback is that you are only able to use hardcover or paperback copies of your book – no ebooks.  Another feature that I like with Goodreads is that you can link your blog to your Author Dashboard so that your posts are shared on Goodreads automatically.  I highly recommend checking out Goodreads’ Author Program information and setting up a profile today!

For the average reader and lover of books, Goodreads is a wonderful app.  You are able to rate and review books that you have already read – and I highly suggest that you review as many books as you can that you have read!  As an author, this is one of the ways that our books get promoted so help an author today!  What you will find is that the more you rate books, Goodreads will suggest books that you might enjoy that are similar to the books you said you liked.  This is a wonderful way to find new authors that you might like to read and to expand your library with little work on your part!  Goodreads also has Groups that you can join to chat about various topics and connect with other book enthusiasts – this helps you connect to others in the community and enhance your reading experience.

If you haven’t checked out the Goodreads app yet, I suggest downloading it today and getting to know it.  I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have!

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