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I don’t know about you, but I love to read!  I’ve been reading as long as I remember.  Shel Silverstein, C.S. Lewis, and Judy Blume were a few of my favorite authors when I was young.   Now, I get to write stories and feel like I’m living new adventures that have never been imagined before – pretty awesome!!  I never thought that I would be a writer growing up, but now that I am I can’t imagine NOT putting stories to paper and creating in this way.  I hope you enjoy reading Laurel Hill: New Beginnings as much as I enjoyed writing it!  Keep checking the Kids Books in Process page for updates on other books I’m working on and release information.  Happy Reading!


Laurel Hill: New Beginnings Book Cover

Laurel Hill: New Beginnings


My Middle Grade chapter book Laurel Hill: New Beginnings is available for sale in paperback or eBook format from, or  or by clicking the shop tab in the menu.





The Sleeping Flower picture book by Erin Mackey

The Sleeping Flower

My picture book The Sleeping Flower is also available for sale in paperback or eBook format from and or by clicking the shop tab in the menu.


Check out the trailer for my new book Laurel Hill: New Beginnings today!


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