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30 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

30 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Good Morning everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe Christmas is just a week away!  This month has just flown by way too fast for me.  I feel like Christmas is just slipping away instead of getting to enjoy this magical time with family and friends.

Even though we had plans all set for Christmas this year, there’s been a change and it’s taken me a few days to feel like I was truly ready for Christmas again.  I had finished my Christmas shopping before Black Friday (you don’t want ME in the stores around people when it’s crazy crowded!!) and I just finished wrapping all of the gifts for Christmas day last night.  I also have all of the food planned out and just about all of the supplies bought – of course I forgot one ingredient so I’ll still have to go back out to buy that in the next couple of days.

Have you ever had it where you’ve missed buying a Christmas gift?  Or maybe a last minute guest has added a new gift onto your list and now you’re struggling to find something to buy them?  How about completely forgetting that you need a Secret Santa gift for work?  It happens to the best of us and that’s why I wanted to share a list of the best last minute gift ideas for Christmas with you today.

30 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas30 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Whether you’re not buying for a Secret Santa or a last minute guest, these gift ideas will help you finish off your Christmas shopping with ease.  Check out this great list of 30 last minute Christmas gift ideas to help you relax a little before Christmas so you can enjoy the magic of this season.


Cord Keeper- For that friend who’s always losing their charger or struggling to keep it from wrapping around every item in their bag, a cord keeper is the perfect solution.

30 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Selfie Stick- Do you have a natural photog in your group?  Pick them up a selfie stick to help them take the best selfies they can.

Smartphone Projector– How much fun will this gift be?  Let them have a home movie night anywhere in the house with a smartphone projector.

Wireless Speakers or Headphones– Let your friend enjoy their music or movies on the go with these great gift ideas.

Multi USB Outlet- You know there are never enough USB outlets, which is why a Multi-USB outlet is the perfect gift idea.

Smartphone Stand– Whether it’s a pop out stand, a desktop stand, or a flexible gooseneck clip holder, you’ll be sure to find the perfect stand for their Christmas gift.


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Pedicure Set- Let them treat themselves to a manicure or pedicure in the comfort of their home with their own pedicure set.

Fuzzy Socks and Lotion- Everyone wants soft toasty toes so you know they’ll love a pair of fuzzy socks with a nice foot lotion as a gift.

30 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Hand Lotion and Lip Balm Set- Treat them to healthy skin this winter and help them avoid dry chapped lips and hands with a hand lotion and lip balm set.


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Calendar:  Whether it’s a desk calendar or a wall calendar, you can make it personalized to your recipient by choosing a theme that they’ll love.

Business Card Holder- For that professional friend or family member, they’ll love a business card holder.  You can get a desktop one or even a travel case so they can hand out their cards any time.

Monthly Planner- We all want to be a little more organized in life, so help them get started with a new planner.



Personalized Mug- Whether you buy one or make it yourself, they’re sure to love a personalized mug.  Not sure how to make one?  Check out my Top Homemade DIY Christmas Gift Ideas blog post for steps how to make one.

30 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Insulated Travel Mug- Whether they love hot coffee or tea or drink water all day long they’re sure to love this gift!

Travel Lunch Container- This is perfect for friends and family who take a meal to work or school.  You can help them do it in style with an insulated lunch bag or collapsible lunch containers.

Fruit Infused Water Bottle- This is a very popular gift this year that will also help them be healthy and hydrated.

Fleece Throw Blanket- Let them snuggle up this winter and stay toasty warm with a fleece throw blanket.

Candle Set- Whether you’re choosing an LED set they can light any time or picking out their favorite scent, they’re sure to love the candles.

Mug Warmer- This is the perfect gift for someone who is always so busy they forget to drink their coffee or tea and it goes cold all of the time.  Help them always have a hot drink ready to go.


Fun and Games:

Adult Coloring Book- This is all the rage this year and it’s a fun way to relax and de-stress after the holidays.

30 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


Desktop Dartboard, Skeeball, or Basketball Hoop– Help work to feel fun again with these great desktop games.

Magic 8 Ball- You know you loved it as a kid, so help bring back that childhood fun again.


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Specialty Coffee or Teas- You can pick up their favorites, or try something new and exotic they may enjoy.

Espresso Sampler- Do they love coffee?  Let them have fun trying out different flavors with a sampler pack.

Gourmet Chocolates- These are a fun treat that lets them enjoy something decadent and unexpected.

Christmas Cookies- This homemade present is always a hit.  Not sure what cookies to make?  Check out my recipe for Cranberry Spice Christmas Cookies, or my blog post with my Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes.

30 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


Gift Cards:

Movie Theater– Help them enjoy the hottest new movie with a gift card for their local movie theater.  Don’t forget to make it enough to get some yummy treats too.

Restaurants- Everyone loves to enjoy an evening out so treat them to a gift card for their favorite restaurant…and maybe they’ll even take you along!

Salons- Treat them to a manicure, pedicure, or a full spa day to make their Christmas extra special.

30 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Coffee Shops– They’ll love a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, or pick up a gift card for a different shop to help them find a new favorite.


I hope this list helped you to find the perfect last minute gift to buy your family or friend this year.  Now go relax a little, because you got this!

I’d love to hear some of your great last minute gift ideas too so please comment below to share them with us.  And don’t forget to share this post on your social media platforms so your friends and family can use these great gift ideas too!

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  1. Krystin

    These are great ideas! I love the idea of getting a pedicure, so easy to put together and always well received!

  2. Belle

    These are such great ideas!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  3. Shannon

    These are great- really something for everyone! Everyone can use a planner or some fuzzy socks/blanket 🙂

  4. Carly

    love these ideas! I tend to buy Christmas gifts last minute! luckily this year I did it early!

  5. Angie

    Those are great ideas!

  6. Marissa

    Great ideas for right now! I’d love to get the fruit infused water bottle for a few friends.

    • Erin Mackey

      Thanks Marissa. I actually picked up a few of the fruit infused water bottles earlier in the year from Wish for a great price. But I wouldn’t try them for Christmas this late since their shipping takes so long.

  7. Cat Chiang

    These are great ideas! I also like that you can definitely order most of these on Amazon with 2-day shipping!

  8. Shannon Morscheck

    I still need something for my inlaws. GAH! Time is running out. Great list!

    • Erin Mackey

      Thanks Shannon. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by this month! Hoping you find your final gift so you can relax and enjoy the season!

  9. Rachel

    Awesome ideas! Only a few days left until Christmas!

  10. Suzane Cybulski

    Great ideas!!! Thanks & Merry Christmas!!

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