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10 Pet Dangers at Christmas
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10 Pet Dangers at Christmas

Good Morning everyone!  Are you getting excited about Christmas as we are now into December?  Are your decorations up, or do you wait until the last moment to decorate?  I am definitely an early decorator for Christmas but I try to make myself wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating.   I’d love to say that I

As we get closer to celebrating Christmas with our friends and families, I thought that today’s post was a very important one to share with you all.  In all of the hustle and bustle that this time of year brings, it’s easy to overlook our pets and make sure we’re keeping their safety in mind.

10 Pet Dangers at Christmas10 Pet Dangers at Christmas

That’s why I wanted to share the 10 most prevalent pet dangers that you should be watching for and avoiding at Christmas time.  By following these simple tips, you’ll help your pets have the best Christmas they can have too.

10 Pet Dangers at Christmas:

Food Fiasco-

We all want to make yummy treats at Christmas, but it’s important to remember that certain foods can make your pets sick or even be harmful.  Be sure to keep food items such as fruitcake, cranberries, Macadamia nuts, grapes, raising, coffee, alcoholic beverages, or uncooked dough with yeast.  Don’t overlook the food items you may have hanging on your tree such as edible ornaments, cranberry garland, or popcorn garland.  Finally, be sure to keep all bones out of reach and secured in the trash to avoid injuries to the mouth and teeth and intestinal issues or blockages.

Problem Plants-

As beautiful as holiday plants can be, there are many that can make your pets ill or even be lethal.  Be sure to avoid the following plants in your home at Christmas:  poinsettia, lilies, cyclamen, mistletoe, or holly.  Try using silk or plastic variations to keep your pets safe and still enjoy the beauty of the plants.

10 Pet Dangers at Christmas

Ornament Calamity-

We all want our Christmas trees to be decorated beautifully, but there are some potential hazards to avoid when decorating them.  Avoid placing tinsel on the tree as this can be a choking hazard.  It can also cause intestinal blockages if swallowed.  Another item to be mindful of when decorating the tree is ornament hooks.  These can also cause intestinal blockages or tears if swallowed, so be sure all hooks are secured tightly to the tree branches.  Finally, be wary of glass or breakable ornaments that can break and injure your pet.  Try to keep them out of reach by hanging them on the upper part of the tree.

10 Pet Dangers at Christmas

Tree Trauma-

We know that pets can become fascinated with the Christmas tree – and who wouldn’t?  All of those shiny ornaments and blinking lights are too attractive to avoid sometimes.  That is why it is important to ensure that you make your Christmas tree as safe as possible.  Make sure your tree is secured in its container or anchored to a wall to avoid it falling onto your pets.  In addition, keep your pets from drinking the tree water as it can contain bacteria or fertilizers which can cause stomach problems.  Finally, be sure to sweep up pine needles as they drop so your pet does not eat them, which could cause intestinal issues or blockages.

Candle Catastrophe-

I love the flickering glow of a candle almost as much as the glow from a fireplace, but be sure to make your candles as safe as possible this Christmas.  Make sure they are not left unattended when lit and place them in appropriate holders or containers on a flat stable surface.  In addition, try to ensure they are not placed where your pet can jump up near them and catch themselves on fire – I actually had a long haired Persian cat who did this once.  Thankfully, she only singed the hair on the back of her legs and was not injured, but it could have been much worse.

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10 Pet Dangers at Christmas

Electrical Overload-

We all know that our pets can get into ANYTHING if they are determined.  Be sure that all electrical cords are out of reach, tied up, or taped down to keep them from chewing on them or getting tangled in them.

Decoration Disaster-

I love decorating our home for Christmas, but I have to make sure I am doing it safely and responsibly.  Make sure to keep small items out of reach to avoid choking hazards.  Keep ribbons and bows away from your pets so they don’t eat them and cause choking or intestinal problems.  Also, make sure items are secure and will not fall or be knocked over easily which could injure your pet.  Finally, keep all potpourri – dry or liquid – out of your pet’s reach to prevent them from eating or drinking it as it can be toxic.

Battery Mishap-

One easily overlooked hazard at Christmas time are batteries. We buy batteries for so many toys and electronics that it is very easy to miss them being left in our pet’s reach.  Even if a pet does not swallow the battery (which is lethal if ingested), biting a battery could puncture it which could cause burns to their mouth, tongue, and throat.  Be sure all batteries are kept secured and out of reach.

10 Pet Dangers at Christmas

Houseguest Invasion-

Having guests visit or even stay at your home during Christmas can cause new hazards to your pets.  Be sure your guests are aware of house rules for your pets, such as keeping toilet lids closed and not leaving outside doors open.  Instruct them to keep all medications out of reach of your pets to avoid ingestion.  Finally, ask your guests to keep items off of the floor or put away that can be a hazard to your pets such as small items that could be choking hazards.

Stressful Commotion-

As you have guests for parties, get-togethers, or visits it is easy for a pet to become overstimulated and stressed out.  There is an excess of noise and movement that can create an atmosphere of fear for your pet.  Make sure your pet has a quiet space they can escape to and feel safe.  Don’t forget to place bowls of food and water in their hideout as well.


I hope this list of 10 Pet Dangers at Christmas has prepared you to safely celebrate the holidays this year with your pets.  I’d love to hear any other tips you may use to keep your pets safe during the holidays, so please comment below to share them with us.  And don’t forget to share this post on your social media platforms so your friends and family can use these tips as well.

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